Eleanor Roosevelt On Top in McClatchy-Marist Poll

In a sampling of 1,249 Americans a McClatchy-Marist poll found Eleanor Roosevelt was the top choice for a place on the new $10 bill. She was favored by 27% of the respondents, with Harriet Tubman (our winner) logging in second with 17%. Read the New York Times story here and see the full Marist report here. We like to think our sampling of more than half a million people across the country who came to our website, learned something about the candidates and voted, was a better way to take the public's temperature. In our two-round voting process, Harriet Tubman edged out Eleanor Roosevelt in the final round for the people's choice. But in the primary field of 15 candidates, Roosevelt came out on top, surpassing Tubman by 15,000 votes of the more than 750,000 votes cast (each of 250,000 voters was allowed 3 choices).